About Us

About Us


BFT Befatek Company, which was established in 2020, strengthened its commercial activities, which started with the "Air Raw Material Loader" Machine, with mass production in 2021. Thanks to its innovations and quality-oriented production, it has gained superiority over its competitors in the national and international markets.

With the aim of meeting the increase in demand and increasing its production capacity in 2021, it has the capacity to produce 500 Raw Material Loaders, 500 Dosing and 100 Raw Material Mixer Machines per year by making innovations in its production facilities.

BFT Befatek has become Turkey's Plastic Machinery manufacturer with the quality, capacity and reliable service approach it has reached. As one of the pioneers of its sector, it has succeeded in being a source of pride for its country.

Our Vision

Maintaining our domestic growth rate in order to reach our customers in every region of our country and to introduce your brand abroad and to the whole world.

Our Mission

High quality standards in our machines to the market in general in Turkey and other countries to deliver competitive prices; to maximize customer satisfaction with an understanding of internal and external customer-oriented work