About Us

About Us


BFT loaders cleanly transfer products from one point to another in the plastic production lines and food industry. It adds speed to your production by facilitating long-distance transfer operations in horizontal and vertical.

BFT loaders can be easily mounted on many machines and equipments (injection, extrusion, blow molding, pipelines, etc.) used in plastic production lines. It saves time and cost thanks to the minimum number of equipment in the transfer of raw materials such as POWDER-GRANULE-CRUSHING HOUSE-ORIGINAL-BRAN It allows the raw material to be transported quickly and cleanly from the drying hopper or mobile chamber to the reservoir of the process machine. As the product decreases in the raw material hopper, the device automatically activates and prevents costly disruptions in production.

BFT loaders can transport up to 2000 kilograms of product per hour. It allows you to have an extremely efficient, easy-to-use and fault-free device. Filter cleaning with automatic pulse valve is standard in all BFT loaders. In this way, you do not have to clean your filter frequently, it saves raw material by including the product dust accumulated in the filter into your production, and also minimizes the labor and time loss you spend during filter cleaning.

Our machines provide easy use thanks to their electronic-automation systems. Thanks to the bell system on the device, it ensures that your production is not interrupted by warning with sound and light.

BFT loaders have proven themselves not only in the plastics industry, but also in the food and different industrial sectors. It has an excellent performance in transporting food products to packaging machines or processing lines safely with its food-compatible material structure.

Thanks to the autonomous system provided by BFT loaders; A clean, efficient and safe working environment is created by preventing human errors.

As BFT BEFATEK, we serve you with high quality standards and reasonable price policy and we are proud of this.

Our Vision

Maintaining our domestic growth rate in order to reach our customers in every region of our country and to introduce your brand abroad and to the whole world.

Our Mission

High quality standards in our machines to the market in general in Turkey and other countries to deliver competitive prices; to maximize customer satisfaction with an understanding of internal and external customer-oriented work